Nail Art Training DVD vol.14


The DVD is recommended for professional nail technicians who interested in continuing education.

An absolutely new technique for nail art : watercolor painting! Easy air patterns, semi-lucent pictures, unusual decisions, new elements of painting which were simply impossible with other paints.
This is what others are not able to create!
After viewing these lessons, ordinary watercolor in your hands will become the new instrument of creation of real pieces of art in a miniature!
It will be especially interesting for masters to study such designs in this technique, as: “Hibiscus”, “Narcissus”, “Poppies”, “Orchids” and “Tulips”.

Type: watercolor painting
Difficulty level: medium
Sound: background music

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  1. Tulips   18:35
  2. Daisies   19:30
  3. Kaleidoscope   09:22
  4. Hibiscus   21:20
  5. Orchids   32:51
  6. Poppies   37:45
  7. Aqua poppies   15:14
  8. Briar rose   30:15
  9. Green galaxy   11:57
  10. Iris   34:06

For this training DVD you will need:

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