Questions & Answers


  1. Don’t forget to check difference between time in your city and UTC time.
  2. If you still not sure what is UTC time (it’s not time in Ukraine) and you don’t know in what time classes will be in your country – please tell me from what city and country you are, i will check it and let you know.
  3. Online class will be on a closed youtube channel which will be available only to the persons who did payment.
  4. You can watch webinar in HD quality. If you use Youtube constantly – you know how to do this but i will explain. On the video window there is a small gear symbol. you should click on it and choose 1080p HD. After that – you have to click on pause and play buttons. This will change video to HD quality. If you have a bad video quality – thats because of your bad internet.
  5. In some cases you can have a message that THIS VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE TERRITORY OF YOUR COUNTRY. Mostly you can get that from Germany. I am sorry, but this is because of the law of your country and i can’t do anything with this. BUT DON’T WORRY. You will not be able to see LIVE webinar but after it will end, in a few hours you will be able to see a record of a webinar on the same page. And if you will have questions about something – you can send me email and receive your answers.
  6. After the online class, record of it will be available on youtube, on the same page. You will be able to watch it again and again and again during not less than a 7 more days after the online class. So you can work on tips and practice later.
  7. I highly recommend you not to work on tips and try to repeat after me during the online class. Just watch it, ask questions (if you will have them) and do notes on a paper.
  8. During the online class all you will need are: paper, pencil (pen), fast internet.
  9. If you have questions – please ask. There is a comment section on Youtube page with online class. Just type your question there and i will answer it as soon as i will notice it.
  10. Duration of online class is around 60-120 minutes (depending on number of questions which you might have and designs).
  11. Online class will be in LIVE mode and there is a 10-20 seconds delay between my actions and your monitor.
  12. If you will have any questions after the online class, please, feel free to send me email and ask me whatever you will want to ask ) i am open for your questions ) Do not send me questions on Facebook, only email.
  13. During the online class i will not be able to answer on emails so if you will send me one – keep calm and wait till the end of online class. I will answer it as soon as i will be free.